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The course has a total climb/ascent of 576 feet and a maximum elevation of 157 feet – which occurs in the first mile when runners “Storm the Castle” on the Crane Estate. Runners will face several other smaller hills, but otherwise the course is generally flat/rolling terrain.

The course is not certified, but has been accurately measured.

For your safety,  police officers, course marshals, medical personnel and volunteers will be deployed along the course. However, the roads will not be closed so it is the responsibility of all runners to be aware of road traffic at all times.

There are five water stops along the course at miles (approx) 2.5, 4.5, 7.5, 9.5 and 11.5.  Gatorade will be available at the 7.5 mile water stop.

In addition to the Crane Beach restrooms next to the Start/Finish line, there are portopotties along the course at miles (approx) 4.5, 7.5 and 9.5.


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