The Castle

The 1/2 Marathon You Don't Want to Miss!

Ipswich Ale and the Ipswich Rotary are proud to announce the 2nd Annual "Ipswich Ale 1/2 Marathon". On Saturday, April 29th, runners will "Storm the Castle" as they leave Crane Beach, attack the Castle Hill surrounding the Crane Estate, and proceed towards Ipswich River and country roads, until you wind back to the beach.

In the second annual Ipswich Ale 1/2 Marathon the field will be limited to 600.

We are grateful to the Trustees of Reservations for their support in this long-distance event, starting and finishing at Crane Beach.

Proceeds will go to the Ipswich Rotary Charitable Trust in support of local high school scholarships.

Race generously sponsored by Ipswich Ale and Institution for Savings. Hosted by Ipswich Rotary with support of The Trustees of Reservations (TTOR) and the Ipswich Y.


Ipswich Ale Rotary.